I am interested in tuning awareness so that the experience of perceiving and the object that is perceived align, to such a degree that you as

the perceiver exit out of yourself and into it, and it simultaneously enters back into you; a criss-crossing of being here and there simultaneously. Another way to describe this switching places while remaining still is, the subject becomes the object, the hunter becomes

the hunted—it’s an edgeless (perh­aps empathic or ultimately consuming) interface with an other. For this reason I am very involved in surfaces and borders in painting, with skins, and continue working on images that tend to be either an icon or a field (to encompass the full contradiction of the pursuit). As Oscar Wilde once aptly said, with seditious wisdom, “It is only superficial people who do not judge by appearances. The mystery of the world is the visible not the invisible.”

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2017 - Life of Forms
2016 - (the third ear)

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2012 - A Week and its Seven Days