February 2 – august 4, 2019

Open Ended: Painting and Sculpture 1900 to Now
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This presentation of masterworks and experimental pieces from SFMOMA’s collection of painting and sculpture explores themes that have shaped the history of modern art from the early twentieth century to our own time. Organized as a series of chapters, the exhibition focuses on revolutionary ideas, geographical centers, individual artists, and relationships between artists. Together, the works in Open Ended explore the complexities and even contradictions of modern and contemporary art, suggesting new interpretations of the museum’s collection, and examining the passions and beliefs that have spurred artists’ creativity in a rapidly changing world.

Doing What Comes Naturally
The Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation, New York.
Group exhibition.
Curated by Robert Storr.

The exhibition features seven painters, each deeply committed to their medium, whose work “rewards the viewer with reasons to pay attention in proportion to the exceptional measure of attention lavished on it by the artist.”